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  • Ducted

    Traditional ducted heat pumps have ductwork throughout the home. Much like forced hot air furnaces. If you have a hot air furnace it can be retrofitted to this ductwork. New home construction can utilize a ducted heat pump to give heat and air conditioning to every room. A single zoned system with a single thermostat. […]

  • Ducted Mini Split

    This is a new style of minisplit using traditional ducting methods but is limited to a maximum of 4 rooms. This style can be used in conjunction with traditional minisplits for whole house comfort and zoning. These are also very popular in commercial applications supplying multiple offices with heating and air conditioning.

  • Ductless Mini Split

    Using wall mounted mini splits is the most efficient way to realize savings in most homes. Mini split heat pumps can be installed in multiple rooms to provide complete zone control of all locations. Twenty Degrees specializes in Fujitsu because they can offer one of the best warranties and have been rated one of the […]

  • HRV and ERV

    It’s a fact: today’s homes are so well insulated that they trap moisture and pollutants inside. Fresh air is missing. So, without fresh air, carbon dioxide, odors, dust, airborne pollutants and excess humidity are kept indoors. What happens? More than half of the houses have visible signs of moisture and develop mold that affect the […]

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